Stage2 M1 E Moto
Stage2 M1 E Moto
Stage2 M1 E Moto
Stage2 M1 E Moto
Stage2 M1 E Moto

Stage2 M1 E Moto

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Stage2 M1 E Moto

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Stage2’s first mission is to deliver the perfect blend of performance, value, and excitement! This electric dirt bike is designed for riders who appreciate power, precision, and performance on the track or trail. With it’s 60V lithium battery pack offering a generous 40 mile+ range, combined with the 6000W (Peak) brushless motor, riders can reach speeds of up to 47 mph (75.6 km/h). Our 3-speed high-output controller gives you options to switch between low, drive or sport modes to choose the perfect setting for skill level or performance needs.

Notable specs include an adjustable Fastace brand dual spring rate rear shock.  It combines a soft initial spring rate with a progressive secondary rate, for adaptability to multiple conditions and rider weights.  Additionally, the front suspension is provided by a compression and rebound adjustable Fastace hydraulic coil-sprung inverted fork, while the hydraulic 203mm disc brakes ensure reliable, modulated stopping power.

Key Features

  • Motocross frame geometry integrates premium features and high-performance components.
  • With its 6000W (Peak) brushless motor and an easily swappable 60V lithium-ion battery pack, this bike reaches speeds of up to 47 mph (75.6 km/h).
  • UL2272 compliant electrical system and UL2271 compliant battery delivers safe and reliable operation.
  • The throttle has been factory tuned in coordination with the 3-speed high-output controller, providing riders with the flexibility to select Sport mode for maximum power and output, Drive mode for a well-balanced performance, or Low mode for an economical and efficient ride.
  • Specific components for motocross enthusiasts include an aluminum tapered handlebar, Fastace dual spring rate rear shock with adjustable spring preload , compression and rebound damping. A  Fastace compression and rebound adjustable coil sprung inverted forks with  hydraulic 203mm disc brakes, and a full length motocross seat
  • Moto staggered 1.4-19” front and 1.8-18” rear rims with 70/100-19- 80/100-18 knobby tires

For CA residents, click to see Prop 65 WARNING information


Utilizing 21700 Samsung lithium cells, the S2 battery features a double protection management system to keep you charging and riding safely.


The Stage2 M1 comes set up for the dirt right out of the box with a motocross frame geometry, 19”/18” wheel set up with front & rear specific knobby tires.


Delivering 6000W of peak power & high torque output for a thrilling ride every time you hit the trail.


Through rough trails or motocross terrain, dual rate rear shocks optimize your bike's performance and adaptability. FastAce Inverted forks will emphasize stiffness and strength, which translates to precise steering and stability.

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Razor USA offers reliable support through their tech support line . The exclusive build and tune by Razor R&D provides top-end performance out of the box, while their part solutions and unrivaled service is dedicated to keeping you riding.

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Please be aware that many electric bikes sold by Amped Bikes, its partners, and wholesalers are intended exclusively for off-road use at their speed and power factory setting. Bypassing or modifying the bike restrictions does not adhere to proper use and as the owner, you will assume full responsibility and liability. It is important to acknowledge that these vehicles may not adhere to specific national, federal, provincial, and/or local laws or regulations.

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This vehicle is not an "electric assisted bicycle" as defined by Utah Motor Vehicle Code and is instead a type of motor vehicle and subject to applicable motor vehicle laws if used on public roads or public lands. Your insurance policies may not provide coverage for accidents involving the use of this vehicle. To determine if coverage is provided you should contact your insurance company or agent.