The surge in e-moto popularity has led to numerous fraudulent schemes aiming to obtain payment and personal information, often through social media giveaways or purported sales of bikes at unrealistically low prices online. We report examples that we come across, but the unfortunate reality is there will always be more. So here’s a few tips for you or anyone you know to take precaution:

  1. If the price sounds too good to be true it likely is. Sites offering them can look like the real deal so please research other validated websites and forums before purchasing, or reach out to us directly. 
  2. If you’re suspicious of a website check the business background. Scam online stores tend not to have a social presence or physical address. 
  3. Confirm that customer reviews are from verified purchasers. We currently use Loox to verify and collect reviews from customers.
  4. For any social giveaways that claim to be affiliated with Amped, please follow our social handles Instagram: @ampedbike TikTok: @ampedbikes to confirm if we are taking part or reach out to us directly. Don’t take their word for it.
  5. We run social advertising to grow our business. Make sure you are directed from one of our social media accounts listed to our url. We won’t send you elsewhere. 

We want our customers to feel confident that when they order a bike with Amped that they’re backed by a real family run business. If you come across instances of fraud please help us report it. You can also help by engaging with us on social media or through product reviews by letting other people know your experience with Amped.

Thank you!

Amped Team