72V Rawrr Mantis Electric All-Terrain Bike
72V Rawrr Mantis Electric All-Terrain Bike
72V Rawrr Mantis Electric All-Terrain Bike

72V Rawrr Mantis Electric All-Terrain Bike

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72V Rawrr Mantis Electric All-Terrain Bike

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Explore new terrain with ease on the 2024 72V Rawrr Mantis electric all-terrain bike. Perfect for adventurers and thrill-seekers, this bike boasts advanced technology and high-performance features for conquering any off-road terrain.

Upgrading from the model with a 72V 35Ah swappable Samsung battery, the Mantis offers an impressive range of up to 75 miles on a single charge, depending on your chosen mode (eco or sport). Its 9500W max motor power and 50 N.M max torque enable you to effortlessly climb hills and traverse rough terrain.

Crafted with a forged aluminum frame, the Rawrr Mantis strikes the perfect balance between lightweight construction and exceptional durability. It boasts a high max payload capacity of 265 lbs ideal for the larger riders out there. 

With hydraulic disc brakes, and app-controlled tuning, the Mantis ensures reliable riding and efficient stopping power in any condition, giving you peace of mind during your daring adventures. Get ready to push your limits and explore the world like never before with the Rawrr Mantis electric all-terrain bike.

Intended For Off-Road Use ONLY


The Mantis uses the latest, advanced Samsung 21700 battery cells, which lead the industry in technology, performance and safety.


The Mantis Aluminum Frame has undergone 30,000 jump tests and 50,000 kilometers of riding tests proven to reduce frame fracturers and eliminating suspension failures


The Mantis uses internal, motorcycle-style gears creating better efficiency and a smoother ride. Add in battery and motor placement improves the overall stability, durability of the ride.


With a ground clearance 310mm and increased payload capacity this bike is built for adult riders looking to enhance their off-road capabilities.

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rawrr mantis postioned on trail on its kickstand
rider posing on rawrr mantis facing camera
Rider riding flower covered hill on his back wheel
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Razor USA offers reliable support through their tech support line . The exclusive build and tune by Razor R&D provides top-end performance out of the box, while their part solutions and unrivaled service is dedicated to keeping you riding.

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Please be aware that many electric bikes sold by Amped Bikes, its partners, and wholesalers are intended exclusively for off-road use at their speed and power factory setting. Bypassing or modifying the bike restrictions does not adhere to proper use and as the owner, you will assume full responsibility and liability. It is important to acknowledge that these vehicles may not adhere to specific national, federal, provincial, and/or local laws or regulations.

As the buyer, it is your responsibility to thoroughly acquaint yourself with any potential restrictions that may apply to the usage of such a product in your specific location. You assume complete liability for the choices you make regarding its utilization and any potential ramifications that may arise as a result.

This vehicle is not an "electric assisted bicycle" as defined by Utah Motor Vehicle Code and is instead a type of motor vehicle and subject to applicable motor vehicle laws if used on public roads or public lands. Your insurance policies may not provide coverage for accidents involving the use of this vehicle. To determine if coverage is provided you should contact your insurance company or agent.