Disclaimer: Please be aware that all electric bikes sold by Amped Bikes or its authorized dealers are intended exclusively for off-road purposes. It is important to acknowledge that these vehicles may not adhere to specific national, federal, provincial, and/or local laws or regulations. As the buyer, it is your responsibility to thoroughly acquaint yourself with any potential restrictions that may apply to the usage of such a product in your specific location. You assume complete liability for the choices you make regarding its utilization and any potential ramifications that may arise as a result.


Terms & Conditions RELEASE OF LIABILITY AND ASSUMPTION OF RISK The individual named below (referred to as “I” or “me”) desires to purchase an Electric Motorcycle or eBike (the “Activity”) provided by AMPED BIKES, LLC, a Utah Limited Liability Company with offices located in St. George, Utah (the “Company”). In consideration of being permitted by the Company to participate in the Activity and in recognition of the Company’s reliance hereon, I agree to all the terms and conditions set forth in this Release of Liability and Assumption of Risk (this “Release”). I AM AWARE AND UNDERSTAND THAT THE ACTIVITY IS A POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS ACTIVITY AND INVOLVES THE RISK OF SERIOUS INJURY, DISABILITY, DEATH, AND/OR PROPERTY DAMAGE. I ACKNOWLEDGE THAT ANY INJURIES THAT I SUSTAIN MAY RESULT FROM OR BE COMPOUNDED BY THE ACTIONS, OMISSIONS, OR NEGLIGENCE OF THE COMPANY, INCLUDING NEGLIGENT EMERGENCY RESPONSE OR RESCUE OPERATIONS OF THE COMPANY. NOTWITHSTANDING THE RISK, I ACKNOWLEDGE THAT I AM KNOWINGLY AND VOLUNTARILY PARTICIPATING IN THE ACTIVITY WITH AN EXPRESS UNDERSTANDING OF THE DANGER INVOLVED AND HEREBY AGREE TO ACCEPT AND ASSUME ANY AND ALL RISKS OF INJURY, DISABILITY, DEATH, OR PROPERTY DAMAGE ARISING FROM MY PARTICIPATION IN THE ACTIVITY, WHETHER CAUSED BY THE ORDINARY NEGLIGENCE OF THE COMPANY OR OTHERWISE. I hereby expressly waive and release any and all claims which I may have, or which I may hereafter have, whether known or unknown, against the Company, and its officers, directors, managers, employees, agents, affiliates, successors, and assigns (collectively, “Releasees”), on account of injury, disability, death, or property damage arising out of or attributable to my participation in the Activity, whether arising out of the ordinary negligence of the Company or any Releasees or otherwise. I covenant not to make or bring any such claim against the Company or any other Releasee, and forever release and discharge the Company and all other Releasees from liability under such claims. This Release does not extend to claims for gross negligence, intentional or reckless misconduct, or any other liabilities that Utah law does not permit to be released by agreement. I understand that by signing this release, I am waiving any and all claims, of any kind arising out of or attributable to my participation in the Activity, including those claims that may be unknown to me, or which I do not suspect to exist at this time. I shall defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the Company (and all other Releasees) against any and all losses, damages, liabilities, deficiencies, claims, actions, judgments, settlements, interest, awards, penalties, fines, costs, or expenses of whatever kind, including attorney fees, fees, the costs of enforcing any right to indemnification under this Release, and the cost of pursuing any insurance providers, incurred by/awarded against the Company (or any other Releasees) arising out of or resulting from any claim of a third party related to my participation in the Activity, including any claims arising out of my own negligence or the ordinary negligence of the Company. I hereby consent to receive from any licensed hospital, physician, or medical personnel any medical treatment deemed necessary if I am injured or require medical attention during my participation in the Activity. I understand and agree that I am solely responsible for all costs related to such medical treatment and any related medical transportation and/or evacuation. This Release constitutes the sole and entire agreement of the Company and me with respect to the subject matter contained herein and supersedes all prior and contemporaneous understandings, agreements, representations, and warranties, both written and oral, with respect to such subject matter. If any term or provision of this Release is held invalid, illegal, or unenforceable in any jurisdiction, such invalidity, illegality, or unenforceability shall not affect any other term or provision of this Release or invalidate or render unenforceable such term or provision in any other jurisdiction. This Release is binding on and shall inure to the benefit of the Company and me and their respective heirs, successors, and assigns. All matters arising out of or relating to this Release shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the internal laws of the State of Utah without giving effect to any choice or conflict of law provision or rule (whether of the State of Utah or any other jurisdiction). Any claim or cause of action arising under this Release may be brought only in the federal and state courts located in Washington County, Utah, and I hereby consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of such courts. BY AGREEING TO THIS CONTRACT, I ACKNOWLEDGE THAT I HAVE READ AND FULLY UNDERSTOOD ALL OF THE TERMS OF THIS RELEASE AND THAT I AM VOLUNTARILY GIVING UP SUBSTANTIAL LEGAL RIGHTS, INCLUDING THE RIGHT TO SUE THE COMPANY FOR CLAIMS, WHETHER KNOWN OR UNKNOWN, ARISING OUT OF [MY PARTICIPATION IN] THE ACTIVITY.